Niki Jihi Jind Babbal Rai song download
One Dream (Remix) Babbal Rai
Categories Album, Unknown Talent
Albums Best Of Babbal Rai
Singers Babbal Rai
Released 06 Apr, 2010
Duration 03:49 min
Downloads 611.19K

Niki Jihi Jind Babbal Rai,Babbal Rai Mp3 Song.Duration is 03:49 min & Released on 06 Apr, 2010,Niki Jihi Jind song belongs to Album, Unknown Talent, Niki Jihi Jind by Babbal Rai, Niki Jihi Jind available To free download ,Download Babbal Rai,Babbal Rai Niki Jihi Jind Mp3 Song.Hi guys u can find my album sau putt the first chapter on i tunes now we tried to show the hard life of international students in this vdo i hope u will like it plz. Hi guys u can find my album sau putt the first chapter on i tunes now plz visit babbalrailive com to give ur feed back. Watch part 2 also australian challa part 2 also and plz leave comments visit babbalrailive com. Official YouTube Channel of Babbal Rai Part of One Digital Entertainment YouTube Network. Punjabi in manila. England. SUBSCRIBE US Amar Audio Rajinder Nagi

Babbal Rai Niki Jihi Jind mp3 Download
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