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Released 08 Jul, 2013
Duration 01:58 min
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Classmate , Mp3 Song.Duration is 01:58 min & Released on 08 Jul, 2013,Classmate song belongs to , Classmate by , Classmate available To free download ,Download , Classmate Mp3 Song.Global TV Online presents New Bangla Natok Classmate Cast Farhan Ahmed Jovan Tasnia Farin Silowana Afrin Mim Others Writer Moontaha. These are just some stories about classmates that obviously don t mean anything else Directed by Sahir Raza Follow Facebook Twitter Instagram. Directed Produced by Jamich Music by LJ Manzano Hay Nako Classmate Written Edited by www facebook com jamvhille Introducing Rojean Delos. Pa Like Mga iDOL Pa Like Mga iDOL. I worked super hard on this I want to give out a huge shout out to Sophie who made the thumbnail Go check her out she is amazing. Watch

Classmate mp3 Download
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